Apple sends invitations for watchOS 6 beta testing via AppleSeed

Apple has started sending Emails to users advising they are invited by Apple to join the AppleSeed program for watchOS 6. Unlike public beta testing AppleSeed requires people to be invited to take part and those participating are supplied with the use of a community discussion board, are sent questionnaires, and can use a Feedback Assistant app to report quality and usability issues directly to Apple.

AppleSeed is covered by Apple’s non-disclosure agreement, which limits what users are able to say to others and there is also the possibility Apple could supply slightly different builds of its software to users via AppleSeed compared to the ones that are sent to the normal developer or public betas, including changes that it does not wish to publicly reveal.

The requirements to join AppleSeed are as follows:

Complete a profile

We need to collect some background information about you, your interests, and your computing environment to select the right people for the project.

Customer Seed and Confidentiality Agreement

Pre-release software is considered Apple confidential property and all participants must view and acknowledge the agreement in order to be considered.

Be selected.

We select participants for specific product seeds based on the profile information you provide and the needs of the product engineering team. We can not guarantee that you will be selected to test a particular software product.


Provide Apple with your feedback. We expect to hear about your experience with the product. You will be asked to complete engineering questionnaires, fill out bug reports, enhancement requests, and participate in online discussion.

Source Apple Insider