Apple starts changing statuses of old iPhone’s and stops offering repairs

Apple has issued a list of iPhones that are now having their statuses changed to obsolete as a result any product in ‘obsolete’ status will no longer receive service or repair support through Apple retail stores or authorized service products.

Obsolete products are those there were discontinued more than seven years ago. The ‘vintage’ status products are those that have not been manufactured for more than five years, but less than seven. ‘Vintage’ products are only eligible for repair and service in California and Turkey.

iPhone (Obsolete in AP/CN/EU/JP/LA/U.S. and Apple Retail stores)

Original iPhone

iPhone (Obsolete in AP/CN/EU/JP/LA and Apple Retail stores, vintage in U.S.)

iPhone 3G iPhone 3G (China) iPhone 3GS iPhone 3GS (China)

Original source 9to5Mac

However you look at it owning an iPhone that up until today has still been eligible for repair is a fantastic deal compared to some android devices who no longer get repairs sometime 12 months after purchase.