Apple Store goes down ahead of today’s event

The Apple Store has gone down ahead of the official release of the new iPhone(s). Today Apple is expected to announce a total of three new iPhones. Other Products Apple are expected to announce is a third generation LTE Apple Watch and a new 4k Apple TV.

Rumours suggest that we will possible see changes to AirPods announced after a small design change was spotted in iOS 11 GM leak, We are also expecting Apple to talk more on the HomePod which is due to be available in December

Following the leak of iOS 11 GM on Saturday we have an extremely good idea of what Apple will be announcing but the excitement still exsits ahead of todays event.

You can watch the event live here on September 12 at 10 a.m. PDT to watch the keynote, which is the first-ever event at the new Steve Jobs Theater.

Users can download the official iOS 11 wallpapers early for free from here. Apple will be holding their event at 10am (6pm U.K. Time). We will be live blogging the event here, Below is a chart of what time the event will broadcast in your country.