Apple sued by user for data charges bug

When the iPhone 5 was issued in September 2012, some users noticed that they were going through more data than what was usual for their normal usage. Shortly after a bug came to light that caused the devices to use LTE data even when connected to a Wi-Fi network and both Apple and Verizon issued a fix for the bug, with which Verizon confirming that users affected by the bug would not be charged for their data use. According to an investigation by law firm Hagens Berman, Apple and AT&T never issued a fix nor did they acknowledged the defect and so Apple have now been hit with a lawsuit. The plaintiff a Mr Thomas Palmer believes that Apple should not have kept the fix from AT&T customers, and that the company failed to address the issue even as it released iOS 7 and the iPhone 5s.

We believe Apple should not have withheld this repair for AT&T Wireless subscribers for any period of time. By withholding this information and repair, consumers were unaware of the defect and were left to sort out high cellular data charges with their wireless carriers.