Apple targets Developers using CallKit

Apple has warned app developers that in order to comply with new cybersecurity laws in China they will be pulling all apps that use Apple’s CallKit unless they remove the framework’s integration.

CallKit lets developers integrate their calling services with third party apps and provides the same calling interface as the native one on iOS, developers handle the back-end communication with their VolP service.

In addition to handling calls, CallKit let’s you provide a Call Directory app extension to provide caller ID information and a list of blocked numbers associated with your service.

The reason for Apple’s decision comes after China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has started to enforce regulations that see CallKit as a way to help bypass censorship and surveillance.

In order for developers to make their application available on the China App Store, they must remove CallKit integrations altogether. Or lemove the apps from the store completely.

This isn’t the first time Apple has complied with China’s request as it also removed VPN apps that’s didn’t have a licence from the Chinese Government.

In March, Amnesty International — an organization that “works to protect women, men and children wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied” — launched a new social media campaign targeting Apple over its “betrayal” of millions of Chinese iCloud users by “recklessly” making their personal data vulnerable to the arbitrary scrutiny of the Chinese government.