Apple unveils it’s new News+ magazine subscription and Card

Today is Apple’s “show time” Event and have just announced their all new  News+ subscription service.

In usual fashion Tim Cook tweeted out his usual hints about 10 minutes before the event started. The event itself started with the old colourful Apple logo and a 70’s style introduction.

The event itself was held in the Steve Jobs Theater and Tim Cook opened up talking about Apple creating world-class services Hardware, software and services, Tim gave some examples of these services such as iCloud, Apple Maps, Apple Pay, FaceTime, Find my iPhone, News and the iPhone itself.

The first announcement was “News+” subscription service, Tim states that Apple News was the number 1 used news app, the subscription service brings magazines into the Apple News app itself and is the first major change since Apple purchased the magazine subscription service Texture back in April 17th 2018. Customers can now get full access to magazines such as Time Magazine, Essence, theSkimm, News papers include the Wall Street Journey and the LA Times etc. all within the News app itself. In true Apple fashion the attention to detail is amazing with live moving magazine covers similar to the live screen saves on the Apple TV.

Apple focused its subscription service on privacy noting that neither Apple nor the magazines themselves track what you read. News+ costs $9.99 a month and no extra charge for family sharing.

Apple Pay came up next with Tim mentioning that Apple Pay was now coming to major transit services in the USA. Apple also introduced their new credit card to Apple Pay called “Card”. Users can see when their payments are due and the financial spending health right in the Apple Wallet app, users can also get help in the wallet app by texting advisers.

Apple also offers a rewards system called “Daily Cash” which you get awarded 2% cash everyday for every time you use the card with no limit on the total amount you get rewarded. Customers also get upfront interest costs depending on how much you choose to pay back each month, Apple will not charge a late payment charge. To make all this possible Apple have teamed up with Goldman sacks and Mastercard.

Card gets a unique number to minimise tracking and works with both Face ID and Touch ID, Apple doesn’t know what you bought or where you spent the money. Goldman sacks will never sell your information to market research companies, The physical card will have no Card Number, No CVV, No expiration date and no signature. Users can get a physical card for places that do not yet accept Apple Pay, Card will come to the USA in the Summer.