Why Apple will beat Tile at their own game

Tile is an American consumer electronics company which produces tracking devices that users attach to their belongings such as keys and backpacks, which launched in December 2012. The company didn't launch any products in the UK until February 2016 and now 5 years later Apple has launched their own tracker the AirTags which are available in both the USA and the UK and will be compatible with all iPhones from iPhone 6s and up.

Tile is relying on its own network and has rejected Apple's API to join the find my network and instead has announced a partnership with Amazon's Sidewalk.

Unfortunately Amazon Sidewalk is only available in the USA and that means that the UK will be a wide playing field for Apple and undoubtedly they will quickly launch in other countries as well.

Currently if an iPhone detects an AirTag it security alert the owner and if they pick it up And scan the AirTag with an Android device they are given contact information in their web browser.

If someone finds a tile tracker they must download tile app and create an account before being able to use it's Bluetooth to alert the owner. This extra few steps is not only time consuming but makes someone create an account they may not want to need.

Apple will dominate the market not only with the AirTags but with third party companies who use the find my network such as Chipolo.