Apple Watch Christmas Guide

With Christmas fast approaching we decided to start up a guide with some tips to help you get the most form your devices and today we are going to look at the Apple Watch running watchOS 5.1.x at the time of writing this we are currently on watchOS 5.1.1, however this guide will still be relevant on any newer software release.

Customise the app dock on the Watch

You can choose up to 10 apps to place in the Dock and choose which order they appear in. To do this open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then tap through My Watch > Dock. Tap the Edit option on the top right to move apps into the dock or move them out of the Dock.

Rename your Apple Watch

Renaming your Apple Watch is easy to do. Open the Watch app on your iPhone, make sure you’re in the My Watch tab, then tap General > About > Name and type in a new name, then tap Done.

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Water Lock

The series 2, 3 and 4 Apple Watch are water proof and starting a swimming activity automatically turns on the water lock but if you are not using the swimming workout you can still turn on the water lock, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the Control Centre > Tap the little water droplet icon to turn on Water Lock.

To turn Water Lock off again, rotate the Digital Crown dial. Water Lock will be deactivated, and you’ll hear a noise which is the watch’s speaker vibrating to clear any remaining water out of the speaker cavity.

Know your watch version

Knowing which version of watch you have is important when it comes to updating your software so we have listed how you can find out which version you have, simply look at the back of your watch for the series version

7000 series – This is the original (OG) version of the Apple Watch also known as generation 0 or Beta Watch, this can run WatchOS 4 or lower.

Series 1

– This version runs watchOS 5 just like all the newer models however this one does not have the ability for Siri to speak, this version is not water proof just splash proof. No built in GPS.

Series 2

– This gives you a brighter display, built-in GPS for location-aware apps, and full waterproofing up to 50 meters

Series 3

– This version has an S3 processor which promises a further 70% performance increase over the S2. A new W2 chipset is dedicated to wireless connectivity, which promises 50% power efficiency improvements over the Series 2 and 85% performance improvements for Wi-Fi in particular. The series 3 also has an option for cellular with a LTE cellular antenna, which is cleverly built into the screen. Siri also speaks on the series 3.

Series 4

– The Series 4 has a larger screen – 30% larger, in fact, with the dimensions up from 38mm and 42mm to 40mm and 44mm. A redesigned Digital Crown which now provides haptic click feedback for more accurate scrolling, a black ceramic back which allows radio waves to penetrate, thereby improving cellular reception, and a repositioned microphone and upgraded speaker, meaning better call quality and 50% more sound volume. A new fall-detection feature, which works out when you’ve taken a tumble and, if you stay still for a worrying amount of time afterwards, calls the emergency services.

Take screenshots on an Apple Watch

Open the Watch app and press the My Watch tab, scroll down and tap General. Scroll down again and tap the slider next to Enable Screenshots so it turns green.

Walkie – Talkie

Walkie Talkie was introduced with watchOS 5 and allows you to communicate in real time with other Apple Watch users as long as they are running watchOS 5, to enable this feature simply follow our guide here.

Quickly pause a workout

To pause a workout on watchOS 5 you swipe right and hit pause but for a faster way to pause simply press the two buttons on the watch whilst in the workout app to pause and again to un-pause (this will trigger a screenshot if you have this option toggled on).

Record more accurate workout

The workout app has a good number of workouts, however there is only a limited amount of options of workouts listed, start a workout by simply clicking other then after a few minutes you can stop the workout tap name the workout and press this and you will find a whole new list of workouts.

Make your iPhone flash when using Ping iPhone

Using the Ping iPhone is great if you keep misplacing your phone but sometimes trying to find it based on the sound can be difficult, but using the built in ability to flash the the LED flash by the camera can speed up the process. Tap and hold the ping iPhone icon on your Apple Watch to activate the cameras LED flash as well as the ping noise.

Clear all notifications from the Notification Centre Quickly

To clear all your notifications at once, simply access the Notification Centre, force touch and tap Clear All. This will clear all notifications from both your Apple Watch and iPhone.

Turn off the watch screen quickly

If you want to turn off the screen on the Apple Watch quickly simply cover it with your hand and after a few seconds the screen goes off and any notification sounds cease.

Share activity data

Sharing activity data is easy and a good idea to help stay motivated and help to motivate others, to share activity go to the Activity app then tap sharing and tap the image of a person at the top you can then add people by pressing the + button.

Find out who’s stopped sharing activity data

Sharing activity data is easy and great to keep each other motivated, however sometimes people stop sharing their data with you and Apple shows you this, to see who has stopped sharing data go to the Activity app then tap sharing and tap the image of a person at the top then there is a section showing who has hidden their activity data.

Turn on Power Reserve

Power reserve can be a life saver if you are out and about and are low on power, to activate swipe up and press the battery percentage indicator then slide power mode to the right.

Activate Siri

Siri is a useful tool on any watch and on the series 3 Apple Watch Siri can talk back, to activate Siri hold in the crown for a few seconds and Siri will activate.

Take better group photos

Taking group photos is great on the iPhone but making sue your all in can be difficult, use the camera icon on the Apple Watch and you can then use your watch as a view finder and even take a photo on the Apple Watch.

Share your location

Sharing your location can literally be a life saver, open the messages app and open the message you want to send your location to and then force touch the screen where you will be given a new group of options, one of those will allow you to send your location.

Enjoy Third Party Apps

We are seeing more and more developers creating their own apps for popular apps, Twitter users can enjoy Jay or Chirp, Reddit is also available thanks to Nano app, Outcast is a third party podcast app which allows you to subscribe and download podcasts directly on the watch without the need of downloading on your phone first.


Currently Apple Music is the only app that is available to download music to your watch and play without your phone being near, spotify does have a watch version but this does not currently allow you to download songs onto the watch, Apollo is a third party client which allows users to download Spotify playlists onto the watch but was removed by the developer at the request of Spotiy.