Apple Watch saves 18 year old life

We have seen numerous reports of how the Apple Watch has saved someone’s life and this time according to WFTS, 18-year-old Deanna Recktenwald, of the Tampa area has become another person to write to Tim Cooke telling her story of how her Apple Watch notifies her that her resting BPM had reached 190 whilst at church.

Acting upon the watch recommending that she seek medical attention her mother, a registered nurse, then took her to a walk-in clinic, Staff at a walk-in clinic confirmed the teen’s rapid heartbeat. “I was surprised, it was right on,” said Stacey.

After rushing her to the emergency room, doctors at Tampa General Hospital soon discovered Deanna suffers from chronic kidney disease.

Both kidneys are only operating at 20% and she will likely require a future transplant.

Stacey Recktenwald, Deanna’s mother, later wrote a letter to Apple.

“If it wasn’t for her Apple watch alarming her about her HR we wouldn’t have discovered her kidney issue. I honestly feel your Apple Watch saved my daughter’s life,” Stacey wrote. “I am forever grateful to Apple for developing such an amazing, lifesaving product.”

Tim Cook reportedly wrote back personally, thanking the Recktenwalds for sharing their story.