Apple Watch survives being lost in a river and gets reunited to owner using medical ID

When Apple first released the Apple Watch Tim Cook mentioned that he used to shower wearing his, since then apple has made efforts to keep making the Apple Watch water resistant with each new generation that gets released, there is some skepticism about how “water proof” the watches are as Water damage is excluded from Apple’s warranty.

Personally I have used both my Apple Watch series 2 and series 3 in a swimming pool and shower with no issues, however one apple watch user went swimming in a river with his and unfortunately lost his. Luckily for the owner a diver who has a popular youtube channel found the Apple Watch and was able to use The medical ID feature to contact the owner through his girlfriends contact details.

This goes to show that the Apple Watch is built very well and hopefully will help ease some users concerns over wether or not they should use their watch in the water.