APPTV Skin Review


Apptv Skin is our next review from Tasso’s Tips and is an Apple TV inspired skin for Kodi. While it provides a very lightweight minimalist GUI, it also allows access to a number of advanced features not available in the ordinary AppleTV Interface. For a more detailed description about this skin, please see this link.

Installing the Apptv Skin

All of our Skin reviews are based on Krypton 17.6. If you have a newly installed version of krypton don’t forget to allow Unknown Sources by ;

  1. Click Settings (cog).

  2. Choose System Settings.

  3. Select Add-ons.

  4. Click Unknown Sources.

  5. A pop-up will appear.

“Add-ons will be given access to personal data stored on this device. By allowing, you agree that you are solely responsible for any loss of data, unwanted behavior, or damage to your device. Proceed?”

After opening Kodi, in the Home Page:

  1. Select the Cog Icon located in the top left corner.

  2. Click on Interface.

  3. Then highlight Skin.

  4. Move the cursor to the right and click on Skin.


Select Get more….


Scroll down to AppTV and select to install.


As a result, the Add-on will now download and install all dependencies as shown in the photo above.


Finally, once installed, you will be given the option to accept/decline the change. Click Yes to continue.

Apptv Skin Home Page


Consequently, for the initial install only, the first screen to appear will be the Interface Settings/Skin menu. This is where you would return to change the current skin to a previous or new skin in the future.


Te next screen you will see after selecting the back button on your remote; ESC key on a keyboard or using the right button on a mouse. This is the System Settings menu, we will touch on this shortly. Lets move on shall we.

Home Page Menus


Unlike some other Skins, the Apptv skin appears to be rather “plain”. Have no fear, we’re about to show you how to make the Home Page look more familiar. But first lets discuss what is available to is now. Moving clockwise from the top left photo:

  1. Videos– The Sub-menus listed here are Files, Library and Add-ons.

  2. Movies– With Movies and Add-ons in the Sub-menu.

  3. TV Shows– Has TV Shows and Add-ons.

  4. Music– Music and Add-ons in the Sub-menu.


Our next group of photos starting from the top left corner are:

  1. Add-ons– In this Sub-menu you’ll find Videos, Music, Pictures, Programs and Get More. Selecting Get more, will then open the My Add-ons, Install from Repository, Install from Zip File and Search Sub-menu.

  2. Weather– Consequently, after setting up the weather add-on, you will see something similar to the photo shown above.

  3. System- Has the Settings menu as shown in the last photo. But it also has the Quit toggle (select to close kodi) as well as the File Manager.

File Manager in Apptv Skin


Once you select File Manager in the System sub-menu,

  1. the next screen (Photo A) will be the “root page”. As always, select Add source from the left side only to continue.

  2. Photo B will be next, select None. You may have to double click to continue.


At this point, enter the URL of the Source using the supplied keyboard. Once you are happy with the spelling, select Done. You will then be asked to Name the source. Simply repeat the same process.

Changing Apptv Home Page Icons


First of all, I know there are many of you saying this doesn’t look anything like AppleTV at all ! Well lets see what we can do for you.

  1. In the Home Page, scroll to the far right and select Settings.

  2. In Photo A, scroll down and select Skin settings.

  3. Then select Home Menu as shown in Photo B.


This, Photo A, is the Customize Home Menu.

  1. Scroll to the left and click on Home menu type- Horizontal.  You will see the example of the Home Page menus as a confirmation of being Horizontal.

  2. Photo B will now show Three (3) options to choose from. Horizontal is the current view, so select Icon for the AppleTV App Icon.


As a result of selecting Icon, the page will immediately change to the Screen you see here.


Finally, after returning to the Home Page, all the Menus are now in Icon format. For the purposes of this article, I have added the text below each Icon for those who are new (like myself) to AppleTV and are unfamiliar with what each Icon represents.

In Conclusion

Finally was the second in our series of Skins that are available for Kodi. I hope you will enjoy using this skin and all it has to offer. For more quality tips and helpful blogs on a wide assortment of topics, please click here.

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