Arctic Zephyr Kodi Skin Review

arctic zephyr

Arctic Zephyr Skin Review

Arctic Zephyr, developed by jurialmunkey, focuses on being simple, clean and minimalistic with a light spin. Version 2.3.13 is the third iteration of the Arctic Skin. Continuing with our series of Skin Reviews, Arctic Zephyr comes as advertised. Because it is so simplistic in it’s design, there are some features such as Mouse Incompatible that may turn some people off.

Installing Arctic Zephyr

All of our Skin reviews are based on Krypton 17.6. If you have a newly installed version of krypton don’t forget to allow Unknown Sources by ;

  1. Click Settings (Cog Icon).

  2. Choose System Settings.

  3. Select Add-ons.

  4. Click Unknown Sources.

  5. A pop-up will appear.

“Add-ons will be given access to personal data stored on this device. By allowing, you agree that you are solely responsible for any loss of data, unwanted behavior, or damage to your device. Proceed?”

arctic zephyr

From the Kodi Home page:

  1. Photo A, Select the Cog Icon.

  2. Then click on Interface settings as indicated in Photo B.

arctic zephyr
  1. In Photo A, hover the cursor over Skin.

  2. Slide the cursor to the right and click on Skin.

  3. In Photo B, select get more… to load more skins.

  4. Arctic Zephyr will be located near the top of the list provided, select to install the add-on.

arctic zephyr

So now that it is installed, you will be asked if you wish to keep the change. Click on YES, as shown to accept.

Arctic Zephyr Home Page

Because we’ll be touching on the Interface Settings page later on, I’ll skip posting it here. Therefore, to get to the Home Page, use the return/back key or button on your Remote/Controller or hit the ESC key if using a keyboard. Please keep in mind that a mouse is not compatible with this skin.

arctic zephyr

First of all you will notice how plain the default home page background appears. We’ll show you where to change that if you want later on. But in the meantime, lets see what is available here. Moving Clockwise from the top left corner:

  1. Videos – Because I have opened the sub-menu, you can’t see the small arrow pointing down directly below the Video Menu option. But as you can see, Add-ons, Playlists and Update Library are available.

  2. Music – This Sub-menu has Add-ons-Genres-Years-Artists-Albums just to name a few. You must have Music Files installed for this option. Please read this link for more information.

  3. Pictures – Only the Add-on has appeared in the Sub-menu because no Pictures have been uploaded. Once installed, your photos will appear here.

  4. Programs – A shortcut to your Video, Music, Picture Add-ons. But selecting Programs will open a new window showing all the Programs installed in Kodi.

arctic zephyr
  1. Weather – As a result of clicking on Weather, you will see the City you have selected with the Forecast of the next few days.

  2. Favorites – Any and all Favorites will appear here when you have saved any Files or links.

  3. Search – Click to open to search anything within Kodi.

  4. Settings – Basically, you are gaining access to the Systems menu. But if you know where you would like to go, there is a list made available that does save a few clicks.

Power or Shutdown

arctic zephyr

While powering down Kodi can be done by just clicking on Shutdown from the home page, there are some other options available. For example, after opening the sub-menu, you may want to Reboot Kodi or Reload the Skin, etc. The options shown here are the same no matter what type of device you are using, Android Box, PC, Laptop, Tablet, etc.

File Manager

arctic zephyr

Accessing file manager in arctic zephyr is rather easy as we are about to show you:

  1. Photo A – In the home page under Settings, bring up the sub-menu, then select File Manager.

  2. Photo B – Click on Add Source to continue.

arctic zephyr
  1. In the next screen to appear, Photo A, select NONE.

  2. As a result, a new pop up will appear as shown in Photo A.

  3. Using the keyboard provided, or if you have one enabled (wired/wireless) enter the URL address of your source.

  4. Double check the spelling to ensure it is correct. Are there any CAPITOL LETTERS that should not be there? Have you included a . or a // or : ? That’s all it takes to make an error and then using foul language at the wrong time. ! When you’re happy, click on Done.

  5. When asked to name the source, click Done when completed.

Add-on Browser

arctic zephyr

From the Home Page, select Settings:

  1. Photo A – Move the cursor to Add-ons and click. Most noteworthy, you will notice a brief description to the right of what sub-menu is selected. This is very helpful if you’re unsure what each sub-menu option has.

  2. Photo B – As a result of selecting Add-ons, you will now have access to all your Add-ons as well as the ability to view Recent UpdatesInstall from repository or from a Zip File.

Arctic Zephyr Background Changes

arctic zephyr

Finally, our last topic concerns Background Images. While many of you are fine using the default images that come with a skin, there are some (like myself) that do enjoy  some “eye candy”. Changing a single image is rather easy. So all you need to know is where the file folder of the Photos you have are stored.

  1. Photo A – from the Home Page, select Settings.

  2. Move down to Skin settings in the left column and click to open. Take note of the description to the right.

  3. Photo B – In the new window, on the left side scroll down to Background.

  4. While hovering the cursor over background, move to the right and select Set fallback image as shown.

arctic zephyr

Select Single Image. At this point you will then be asked to browse to the folder where you have your images saved/stored. After selecting the image, click the back button on remote/controller or hit ESC key to exit back to the home page. The image you have chosen will now be the background image used on your home page, as I have done here.

If you want to get into a more detailed method, here are three excellent articles on the topic found here in this link, or this link and here as well.

In Conclusion

While the Arctic Zephyr Skin is not my favorite, it certainly ranks right near the top. If you like using a keyboard like I do to maneuver around Kodi then it’s for you. If you prefer to use a keyboard/mouse then this may not be a skin for you to use. But give it a try and see, you may just like it. I hope you enjoyed this review, you can see many more in GeeksCorner as well as a wide variety of other topics.

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