Are the AirPods Pro worth it?

When Apple first announced AirPods I knew I had to have them, the fact that I could connect these easily every time by simply opening the case and putting them in my ears was a convenience I wanted.

Since I had the first set from launch the batteries started to die I eagerly picked up the second generation with wireless charging. Just like the original AirPods I loved these and used them daily, Apple then released the AirPods Pro and whilst I liked them I actually wasn’t too excited to get these as I already had my eyes on the Beats Solo Pro.

Decision to purchase the AirPods Pro

After my purchase of the Beats Solo Pro I noted I had some issues with them and decided to return them, by this point there were several reviews of the AirPods Pro out and the general consensus was that they were decent at active noise cancelling. I tried them on in the Apple Store and the fit was comfortable and so I decided to give them ago.

A few days passed and I was having doubts about my purchase, they were nice but were they enough of a difference from my second generation AirPods to warrant the extra expense. Thankfully my purchase of the AirPods Pro was within Apple’s Christmas return policy so I have until January 8th to return them so decided to get a decent case for them to protect them and give them a try.

It’s been roughly two weeks since I purchased these and I have to say that I am now hooked on the AirPods Pro, the active noise cancellation isn’t perfect but it is very good, I use them often when defrosting my car in this lovely Winter weather here in the uk and it drowns out an idling engine perfectly so I no longer have to crank my volume up so loud that I risk hearing damage.

Effects for good

Since watchOS 6 I have loved keeping an eye on the hearing health records and since I started using AirPods Pro I am pleased to see the average audio levels decrease from that of my second generation AirPods Pro. Hearing health is underrated and the fact that I can now enjoy my Podcasts and Music at a lower level with a better listening experience is worth the upgrade.

Whilst I appreciate AirPods Pro are not for everyone I highly recommend anyone who is considering these to give them a try especially whilst Apple is running the extended return policy. Since my purchase I have added Apple Care to these as the cover for battery replacement is enough of a benefit for me as I literally use these every day.