Aura Skin Kodi 18 Review

Aura Skin for Kodi 18 Review

aura skin

The Aura Skin for Kodi 18 is the next skin review in our series. Created by jurialmunkey and the current version is 1.0.2. The Aura Skin is a highly customizable skin with multiple widgets and a horizontal home menu.

It also combines the minimalism and rounded edges of Arctic Zephyr together with the sleek customization of Horizon. Aura’s best experience is had using a remote. However, it has also been designed to accommodate a mouse and touch users where possible. For a list of compatible skins, see this link.

Installing the Aura Skin

aura skin

Using a clean version of Kodi 18 :

  1. Select the Cog Icon found in the top left corner.

  2. Then select Interface.

  3. Highlight Skin and click.

  4. Click on get more and then select Aura.

aura skin

Select Yes when asked to keep the change.

aura skin

Please give the Skin a moment to initialize all the dependencies required to operate correctly.

The Aura Home Page

aura skin

First of all, you’ll notice the “Home Page” is a bit different to other skins. Photo A shows the Music Icon and Photo B has the Add-ons Icon. The widgets show are all in default mode, nothing has been altered.

aura skin

Settings Icon shown in Photo C, will be discussed in more detail below and as you can see all you need to find is located there. Photo D is the Power Icon. Because I’m using a PC to easily acquire the screenshots needed for these articles, the Power Menu may/will appear different if you are using an Android Device.

Interface Menu

aura skin

After selecting Interface from the Settings menu, you will be able to adjust/change or alter your current skin. Furthermore, you’ll also see a new Horizontal menu list numbered from 1 to 9 with Number 1, being Interface. Easy and convenient to move from one area to another.

Skin and Media Settings

aura skin

Skin Settings, number 2., allows you to customize your skin to your personal needs.

Media Settings, number 3., is where you can upload your personal media to kodi library, etc.

Player and System Settings

aura skin

Number 4. Media Settings and Number 5. System Settings, lets you fine tune to optimize your Kodi.

Service, PVR and Live TV Settings

aura skin

Number 6. Service Settings for example will let you set up the Weather Icon.

Number 7. PVR and Live TV Settings, if being used, is where you can sort your Kodi to your specifications.

System and Profile Settings

aura skin

Number 8. System Settings will provide you with the current profile of the device being used.

Profile Settings found in Number 9. allows you to add another person/profile to Kodi without installing a new version. Comes in handy if you want to, for example, install a Build created for Children.

File Manager for Aura Skin

aura skin

To access the File Manager, go back to the Home Page (see photo C above)and select Settings. Move to the lower right corner and click on File Manager as shown in the photo above.

aura skin
  1. Select Add source.

  2. Then None to continue.

aura skin

As a result of selecting None, a new window will appear as shown in the top photo above.

  1. Enter the URL and select Done. Probably the most common place that users make mistakes when entering the url. By missing either a letter or even a :, . punctuation of any type will cause an error to occur. Take your time and enter it exactly as written down. Some can be rather lengthy. Click Done to continue.

  2. You will then be asked to provide a name for this url. You can use the one provided or use your own if it’s easier to find when installing. Select OK to complete the process.

In Conclusion

The Aura Skin by jurialmunkey is one of my favorite skins for Kodi 18 aka as Leia. Very easy to move about with in the skin and the customization available is excellent.

Can be used on any device such as an Android Box, PC, Laptop and even a Tablet that has Touch enabled. I hope you have enjoyed this article as much as I had in creating it. For more interesting and helpful topics, please go to Geeks Corner.

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