AutoSleep by Tantsissa

I have owned a series 2 Apple Watch since December 2016, I originally held off of series 0 purely due to the fact that it was new out and obviously would have some software flaws just like all new products, but I was sold on the idea of the Apple Watch from the moment they first announced it.

Since I purchased the series 2 Apple Watch I have been off and on with fitness tracking but one thing I’ve liked the idea of is sleep tracking and that’s mainly due to the fact that my sleeping pattern is terrible. Since I was a teenager I struggled with sleep and I get periods of sleeping for around 4 hours other times I can get periods of around 8 – 9 hours.

Tracking sleep up until the Apple Watch meant buying products dedicated to sleep tracking alone and that in itself can cost anything for £100 upwards depending on how accurate you want it to be, I wanted to be able to track my sleep with my watch and obviously take advantage of it’s other features, however it seems as though Apple has missed the boat on sleep tracking.

Sleep tracking Data Clearly displayed

Sleep tracking Data Clearly displayed

Since December 2016 I have tried several sleep tracking apps some have been ok whilst some and just terrible, one app that I did use for a while which I won’t name was ok however I had to press a big button to say I was about to go to sleep for it to track and if you have trouble sleeping, looking at a bright screen to say you are about to fall asleep is not going to help. I came across an app called AutoSleep, the app was discussed in a group of Apple Watch users from around the world and there were several people saying how good the app was and priced at £2.99 it’s not overly expensive.

I researched the app and found some blogs covering it and found that it had some issues when first release but the developer quickly worked on these and made the app even better, which for me is a big thing as there’s nothing worse than buying an app and having issues which a developer refuses to address.

According to the developer’s website, using the app couldn’t be simpler:

If you do wear your Watch to bed: 1. Go to Sleep. 2. Wake up.

Even if you don’t wear your Watch to bed, AutoSleep can track your time in bed. It’s extremely simple. If you don’t wear your Watch to bed: 1. Put your Watch on charge before you go to sleep. 2. Sleep. 3. Put your Watch back on*. * or touch your iPhone when you wake up then put your Watch on within 30 minutes.

I purchased the app one week ago and so far the tracking seems to be spot on, the app is full of details and gives you a breakdown of how long it took you to fall asleep, your BP whilst asleep, the quality of sleep and the amount of time asleep was a deep sleep. AutoSleep also shows you how restless you were plus the amount of times you were up during the night. I have to say I am addicted to the amount of details it gives and love the app so much more that I have now got another app by the same developer called HeartWatch which I will be reviewing shortly.

So far AutoSleep is one of the best sleep tracking apps i’ve come across and highly recommend it, the tracking seems extremely accurate . If you would like to purchase the AutoSleep app click here.