Be more like 007 with Stealth Folder

StealthFolder is a new tweak that has come to cydia by iOS developer minahoku that has some good uses by providing the user to make a folder appear nonexistent on the Homescreen.

You can feel more like James Bond by having some of your apps hidden in this stealth folder so only you know it’s there.

Apart from your own privacy options you can also use this tweak to place unwanted stock apps in a folder and then hide it so it has less of an annoyance

Of course, if you know it’s there, then you know it’s still going to be there. We can consider some useful reasons why someone may want this tweak, and the most obvious is to stealthfully have a folder on your Home Screen with applications that you don’t want another user to know that you have.

StealthFolder doesn’t have any options to configure, and you can download it for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.