New listing for unannounced Beats appears online

For a few weeks now we have been expecting Apple to announce new beats buds and have seen several celebrities photographed wearing the new unannounced beats beds, and today we have another sighting this time on the Best Buy Website.

On Monday, the top banner of the Best Buy website is dedicated to Beats, with a close-up of one of the earbuds and the tagline "Made for music." The Beats Studio Beats also have "True wireless noise cancelling," according to the banner, which also features an image of the earbuds in a red case.

While the banner also invites customers to "Shop Now" for the earbuds, clicking the banner directs users to an error page. Given that the Beats Studio Buds have yet to be formally announced, it appears that the banner was deployed much sooner than Apple or Best Buy likely intended.

According to current rumours, Apple will release the Beats Studio Buds on July 21, but multiple appearances and an advertisement on a major retailer's website could lead to an earlier release.

Apple purchased Beats back in 2014 for over $3 billion. The BeatsX were the first wireless neckband earbuds produced by Beats following the acquisition, and they were followed by the true wireless Beats Powerbeats Pro, which included ear hooks and Apple's H1 chip.

Among other things, the H1 chip enables easy pairing with iOS devices, voice-activated Siri, increased battery life, and lower latency. It does not, however, benefit users who do not own an iPhone.

The Beats Powerbeats are the wireless budget alternative to the Beats Powerbeats Pro, and are the company's most recent product. The Powerbeats are nearly identical to the Powerbeats Pro, but with a lower price tag and a neckband wire. In 2019, Apple also released the Beats Solo Pro.