Beme the new app by @CaseyNeistat

The world famous Blogger Casey Neistat has been working on his own business for some time and has kept his YouTube viewers in suspense about the company for over 100 days.

Casey has maticulously blurted out any clues about his company on his YouTube videos and over the last few days has started to share the company with his some 800,000 followers.

His new company has made an app called beme (beam) and was launched today.

The app which is available for free from the App Store and allows users to record 4 second video clips to share with others worldwide.

What sets this app apart from the already busy social media apps is that the users record by covering the proximity sensor on their device and they get a blank screen. The device beeps and vibrates to confirm its recording and again to confirm its finished and posting automatically.

The reason the screen is blank during recording is because the app has been created to allow real life video sharing with no options to edit users share raw true footage and viewers can send you their reaction.

Screenshot from a video feed from the creator Casey Neistat

Users are presented with an option to view and follow new users and to view their feed by holding a finger on their feed kind of like the old way snapchat did it.

When you download the app you are placed into a que system however you can reserve your username in advance.

Sign up screen and queue timer

There is an option to bypass the queue by inserting a code from another user which only works once.

Option to view other users feed

We have included a one time code to bypass the queue which you can get here, we hope you enjoy this new app, and whilst your at it why not give us a follow our user name is geekcorner.