Benefits of jailbreaking

I’m often asked why I jailbreak and decided that seeing as people are weighing up iOS 10 v jailbreak I would write two articles covering the benefits of both sides, please note that iOS 10 is currently in beta and so will experience bugs.

The first time I jailbroke by device it was an iPod touch, a friend had purchased an unlocked iPhone 3GS off eBay updated it and it was locked to another network, it turned out the device was jailbroken (back when you could unlock devices via jailbreaking), he paid another £30 to get a jailbreak again so I decided to give it a go to help and as soon as I did I was addicted to trying new themes.

As jailbreaks have changed so has themes and the ability to make your iDevice personal is the biggest draw, the fact that Apple uses features from the jailbreak community speaks volumes.

Another great feature for jailbreaking is the ability to install 3rd party apps that Apple will not allow in the AppStore.

Another feature is the ability to make apps do custom things such as backgrounding. Some apps will not run natively in the background but the tweak dissident allows this to happen.

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