Benefits of not jailbreaking 

With apple’s announcement of changes in iOS 10 we have seen numerous people considering giving up their jailbreak for the latest iOS version and so we wanted to do a pro and con of jailbreaking.

The main benefit of not jailbreaking is having access to the latest iOS version and the more we look at iOS 10 the more things we see that users might like.

Messages seems to be the biggest draw to iOS 10 with users able to send more customised texts to families and friends. Users on a non-jailbroken device will have the total security that Apple provides with no intentional holes.

Now if you are a person who jailbreak purely to get free apps that Apple would not allow into the AppStore then you are using extra space on your device (used by jailbreak) needlessly as we have seen a rise in signing services, now whilst these do cost a yearly fee you will have the extra room on your device not taken up by the jailbreak itself, you will have access to the latest version of iOS from Apple and you can still enjoy your favourite apps.

The signing services that we have reviewed and worth purchasing are listed in no particular order you can click on any one to be taken straight to them.