Best Podcast of 2017

I’m a big fan of Podcasts and have been listening to them for roughly three years, over that time I have increased the number I subscribe to and in the past month I have added a few more that I discovered so I decided to share them with you guys. I personally use Overcast on my phone and WatchPlayer on my series 3 Apple Watch.

  1. Our favourite Podcasts are as follows:

  2. Let’s talk iOS

  3. The Apple Watch Podcast

  4. Grump Old Geeks

  5. Happy Hour

  6. Let’s Talk Jailbreak

  7. This week in Google

  8. This week in Tech

  9. The Internet of Things Podcast

  10. AppleInsider Podcast

  11. MacBreak Weekly

We hope that you guys will enjoy this list and maybe find something new to enjoy, let us know in the comments any podcast you guys are enjoying that we haven’t listed and what podcast app you use.