Black Glass Nova Kodi 18 Skin Review

black glass nova

Black Glass Nova Kodi 18 Skin

The Black Glass Nova, by Tgx, is the next Kodi 18 skin in this series of reviews. With the current version 7.0.1, it’s ported from MediaPortal. Not only is it easy to use, the FanArt Skin is designed for Full HD TD screens.

There’s not a lot of changes from the Krypton 17.6 version, see link here. However, there are new users starting their kodi experience with Kodi 18/Leia for the first time. These reviews are for you.

Installing Black Glass Nova Skin

At this time Black Glass Nova Skin for Kodi 18 is not found in “Get More’ while in the Skin section of Interface. However, you can download it from the GitHub site here. Simply select “Clone or download” found to the right side of the page. Then click on “Download Zip”. When prompted, save it in a location you can easily find later and install via Download from zipfile in kodi Add-on Browser.

Home Page Icons Pictures and Add-ons

When asked to “keep changes” select YES. As a result, you will see the following pages beginning with Pictures.

black glass nova

Moving from left to right, the next icon is Add-ons. The first thing you’ll notice will all the Menu Icons are the Sub-Categories found below each main icon.

Pictures as you can see has just 2 sub menus- Files and Picture add-ons. Where Add-ons has 5 Sub-Menu sections- Video add-ons Music add-onsPicture add-onsAdd-on browserPrograms. Essentially, these are all shortcuts to the menu you wish to go without going into the Settings menu. Very convenient to say the least.

black glass nova

The next two Menu’s found are Games, new for Kodi 18/Leia and Favorites. Any Games you may install or Favorite media files you have saved will appear here when selected.

black glass nova

Moving along, we see Weather with 3 sub menus of TemperatureLocationCurrent conditions. Settings will get you to File managerProfilesSystem InformationSkin Settings.

black glass nova

Search, well it’s rather self explanatory. Quit, again  based on what device you have Kodi 18 installed in will determine what features will be shown here. In this case, due to using a PC I have MinimiseRebootShutdownHibernateSuspendPower off system – Quit. See Power further down this article for more information.

black glass nova

Videos is where you’ll find what you have downloaded to your Library. The Sub menu list is rather extensive but to name just a few- Clean video libraryFilesVideo add-on playlistUpdate etc.

Music however is loaded with Sub-menus options such as- AlbumsSongsFilesTop 100 songsUpdate Audio libraryEtc. Far to many to post here, but I’m sure you get the idea.


black glass nova

While there are a number of shortcuts to access different areas in Kodi, selecting Add-ons will open all 5 menu options at one time.

Weather Icon

black glass nova

Also in Weather, no matter what icon selected, this is what you should expect to see. Notice the 5 day Forecast shown to the right.

Settings Icon

black glass nova

As a result of selecting the Settings Icon, this is what you’ll find. You may scroll up or down in the menu provided to the right.

Power Icon

black glass nova

Not found in the Quit sub-menu, are SettingsSkin Settings and Favorites. The shortcuts are everywhere in Black Glass Nova, it’s so easy to get anywhere you wish to go. One of the reasons this skin is in my top 3 favorite Skins to use.

black glass nova

Especially relevant is what you will come across in all of the Menu icons when you move the Mouse or Cursor (if using a remote) to the top of the page.

  1. Back.

  2. Home.

  3. Mute Volume.

  4. Volume Down.

  5. Volume Up.

  6. Settings.

  7. Quit.

File Manager

black glass nova

To open the File Manager, simply select Settings, Scroll down to File manager and click. Once open, select Add source to continue.

black glass nova

Consequently a new window will appear with a keyboard. If you have a keyboard connected to your device, you may use that instead of the one provided. Enter the URL and click on Done when completed. Please be careful and enter the url exactly as you read it. Most errors occur due to misspelling or adding/omitting a punctuation. The next screen will prompt you to enter a name for this source. Enter the one provided or create your own if it’s easier to find, it’s entirely up to you. Click OK when done.


black glass nova

Just an example of a few screenshots of what your Kodi 18 could look like. If interested in configuring any skin in Kodi, use this link.

In Conclusion

I was glad to see Tgx had created a Black Glass Nova skin for Kodi 18. The fanart used really does make it a pleasure to view and use. I must say it is in my top 3 skins to use for obvious reasons, but that is just my opinion, but I do believe I’m not alone here. I certainly hope you give it a try and enjoy it as much as I do. If not, it’s easy to try another isn’t it. Stop by Geeks Corner for more topics of interest.

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