Block ads on your favourite apps

Adds are a necessary evil for somethings and for others they are just a way to make money fast. I’ve lost count how many apps I’ve seen that hinder the experience because they are loaded with ads.

Thankfully you can block these with a VPN app free from the AppStore. The app does offer in-app purchases, however, with a little bit of patience you will upgrade through the tiers for free.

I cannot recommend this app for protecting your privacy as they state Meta data associated with all apps installed on your device (app id, app name, etc).

The amount of data sent or received by the apps on your device over time. Time of your usage of your app. The country location of your device. Descriptive non-personally identifiable information about your device.

How we store it:

We store the collected information on your device and we will occasionally upload the collected information to our servers. How we use it:

We may send you information about how your app usage ranks in relation to other users of similar apps.

We may perform analysis on the collected information to improve our service.

We may share the anonymized, non-personally identifiable processed results of our analysis with third parties.

For pop up ads this is perfect. Simply download Luna free here.