@BlueLeafHosting aquires @SpaceHostUK

Blue Leaf Network Solutions has been around for a year and has grown steadily in that time whilst building firm foundations, they recently partnered with Geeks Corner and held a massive giveaway.

Blue Host acquires Space Host

Today Blue Leaf Network Solutions announced that it has successfully acquired Space Host for an undisclosed sum, the announcement was posted via social media.

“Today (December 28th 2015). We are excited to inform all SpaceHost clients that they will be moved on to our network. Therefore, no prices will be increased, services will stay the same, however just under WeLoveServers. We look to the future of working with the Space Host clients! Blue Leaf Network Solutions is committed to your satisfaction – with a support team available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, our staff are on standby awaiting your queries.”

We asked Blue Leaf some questions which they happily answered.

Today you announced you acquired spacehost what was the motivation for this relatively small company? I think the motivation for SpaceHost was them knowing that larger company take over would be better for their customers in the long run. Before finalizing the deal we allowed SpaceHost to look at our software, billing systems and server administration tools. We wanted to make sure that they were totally comfortable with this take over knowing that we had adequate servers, staff, resources and that run everything in compliance with current US and international law. Can spacehost customers expect to see a price rise at renewal? The current SpaceHost customers were provided with a free hosting account, we will honor that price for their customers. The only time we will change prices for their customers is if they start using more than the allowed resources or they ask us to bump them up to a new tier of hosting. In that case they will charged normal hosting prices listed on our website. Any paying customers with SpaceHost will not see a price increase from what they were paying at SpaceHost. Does BlueLeafHosting have any plans on expanding further overseas? As of right now we operate on an international level with our VPN Tunnels. However we do have plans and projects that we hope to even further expand our international reach. Any additional comments For additional information on our SpaceHost take over please go to this link, If you are a SpaceHost customer for any questions regarding your service please open a support ticket through our site and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

This is a posative step forwards by Blue Leaf and I anticipate that we will see more news such as this from them in the near future from Blue leaf hosting. Are you a Space Host Customer? let us know in the comments below of what you think of this takeover.