@BonogofskyAj offers an alternative way to get playboxhd from the App Store

You may remember a while back that Playboxhd managed to sneak their app into the App Store but was quickly removed, if you were lucky enough to download a copy even if you delete it you are able to get it back either from your iTunes backup or iCloud backup.

If you adding get the app then there are several alternatives outside of the AppStore, however, AJ170 has offered an alternative by giving users access to his iCloud backup of playboxhd.

Now before we go any further firstly we need to point out a few things, by making this information public could lead to someone messing up the account and stopping others enjoying this, secondly apple only allows an app to be downloaded to 10 separate devices.

Whilst AJ170 is unable to stop the first he has a backup to overcome the second obstacle by stating that he has plenty of backup accounts with this already on there.

Now if your unsure how to do this AJ170 has kindly made an easy to follow video guide which you can view here.

We can confirm that if you take this option that nothing bad will happen to your device however you need to remember to sign out of the app and resign back in with your Apple ID to continue your normal purchases and updates. We kindly ask that no one messes with this account so anyone who wants to can enjoy this generosity.

If the password does not work always check the comments to see if it has been updated.