Box Skin for Kodi 18 Review

box skin

Kodi 18 Box Skin

The Box Skin for Kodi 18, aka Leia, is the next review in our series from Tasso’s Tips©®. Developed by DJCISCO and inspired from Lightbox and nbox, it is the ultimate in simplicity and basic skin design. Because it uses the same layout to display your media in different ways, it will always look the same. But in different ways !

Installing the Box Skin for Kodi 18

box skin

The above photo was taken while using the Rapier Skin. However, if you’re using a clean version of Kodi 18 :

  1. Select the Cog Icon found in the top left corner.

  2. Then select Interface.

  3. Highlight Skin and click.

  4. Click on get more and then select Box.

box skin

Once the Skin Add-on has been installed, you will prompted to accept the changes made, select YES to continue.

Box Skin Interface Settings and Home Page

box skin

Photo A is a clear view of the Interface page seen once you accept the changes. This can be accessed easily as you’ll see further on in this review.

Photo B: Shows the main home page that will appear after selecting the Blue Back Arrow found in the top left corner as shown in photo A

Weather and Programs

box skin
  1. As a result of configuring Weather found in Services, you will see basically the same as here in Photo C.

  2. Photo D: Any Program add-ons you have installed can be found here.

Add-on Browser and Settings

box skin
  1. Consequently, when selecting Add-ons, the Add-on Browser page (Photo E) will appear. As a result, you will be able to access any Add-ons you have installed as well as any Repos or install something from a Zip File.

  2. Photo F is the Settings page. Everything is self explanatory but we will discuss File Manager later on.

Pictures and Favorites

box skin

Many of you, including myself, like to upload some personal Pictures (Photo G) or save some Favorites (Photo H) found in Kodi. These may be accessed by simply selecting the corresponding Icon.

Customize and Power

box skin

If you like to personalize your version of Kodi, select Customize. There are 3 settings, Home– Photo I, General– Photo J.

box skin

and Add-ons– Photo K. Power as seen in Photo L provides you with a number of options. The device you’re using will dictate what icons will appear. I’m using a PC w/Windows in order to create these screenshots. Yours may differ from these. One of the new features found in Kodi 18 is Games. If you’re into this option, please use this link for more information.

Movies, TV Shows and Music

box skin

A rather unusual place to store these icons, but the Box Skin is designed to be rather simplistic and basic. Movies – Photo M, TV Shows – Photo O, Music – Photo P can all be accessed by simply selecting on the corresponding Icon found in the upper left corner as shown.

File Manager

box skin

To open the File Manager select Settings, then click on File Manager. (see photo F above)

  1. Click on Add Source, Photo P.

  2. Then select None as seen in Photo Q.

box skin
  1. You will then be prompted to enter the url address as seen in Photo R. First of all, I have to remind you to enter the url address exactly as you have found it. A very common mistake is misspelling the name or adding/excluding a letter or punctuation mark. This will always cause the a fail. Please go back and ensure there are no mistakes and correct as needed. Click DONE when ready to continue.

  2. Enter the Name of the url address given, or make up your own if it’s easier to remember. Select OK when completed.

  3. To install what you have entered, go to Settings, Add-ons (Photo F) then click on Install from Zip File (Photo E). Go to where you have saved the file and click to install.

In Conclusion

Finally, as with the other reviews we have done for Kryton or Leia, they are created for you the user to get the opportunity to see what the Skin has once installed. Other reviews simply provide a photo or two of the supplied screenshot. While helpful, they don’t provide any direction of where to find Add-on browser or File Manager just to mention a few.

After seeing these reviews, you may decide that Skin may not be what you wanted. Saving you the trouble of finding, installing and mucking about trying to maneuver around the skin. Please visit GeeksCorner for many other helpful topics we have to offer. Thank you for taking the time to read this review.

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