BritBox launches in the UK for £5.99 a month

The streaming wars are well underway with Disney+, TV+ and Netflix all fighting for a piece of the UK market and now to add an extra option is BritBox. The leading UK channel providers (BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5) have teamed up to launch BritBox in the UK with the largest catalog of UK box sets than any other service. It is also developing a slate of originals to attract subscribers. Many UK TV shows that were once licensed to Netflix are now being ‘brought home’ to be offered exclusively on the BritBox service.

For £5.99 per month, BritBox offers HD streaming for multiple devices. Apps are available for iPhone and iPad, Apple TV, Android phones and some Samsung smart TVs. BritBox launched in the United States about two years ago. However, that service is independent with separate content library and price tiers. You can sign up on BritBox’s website and try for free for 30 days.