British Airways jack exposes 380,000 customers details

Britsh Airways (BA) has announced that hackers have carried out a hack against its website and app.

Sophisticated, malicious criminal attack

A total of 380,000 transactions which include customer names, email addresses, and credit card information being collected by hackers.

The breach was confirmed on BBC’s “Today” program by BA CEO Alex Cruz. Transactions that occurred between 22:58 BST on Aug. 21 and 21:45 BST on Sept. 5th are affected.

“We are 100% committed to compensate them, period.” He continues, “We are committed to working with any customer who may have been financially affected by this attack, and we will compensate them for any financial hardship that they may have suffered.”

What to do if you are affected?

If your data was compromised, BA suggests the following: If you’ve been affected, you should change your online passwords. Then monitor your bank and credit card accounts keeping an eye out for any dodgy transactions. Also be very wary of any emails or calls asking for more information to help deal with the data breach: crooks often pose as police, banks or, in this instance they could pretend to be from BA.

BA says none of the bookings have been hit by the breach. It said it has contacted all those affected to alert them to the problem with their data, but booked flights should go ahead.

For more information on this data theft, you can visit this special page on the BA website.