Browse the Internet easily on the Apple Watch

With WWDC19 tomorrow Apple is hopefully going to announce some new features for watchOS 6, however one thing they may ignore is browsing the internet on the Apple Watch. Whilst the Apple watch screen is small sometimes its the only screen you have with you when you need to browse the Internet.

What I use

I use Parrity to browse the internet on my watch and I can honestly say it’s one of the best methods of accessing the internet when I don’t have my phone with me.

Parrity utilizes your paired iPhone to render rich web content and stream it to your watch where you can either interact with it live or keep it cached for later. Parrity is free from the AppStore here.


– A familiar, fully operable, minified Web Browser UI.

– Visit sites directly using via Siri or Scribble, with a convenient URL-composing UI.

– Share sites from Safari (enabled within the Share panel’s “More” section).

– Search the Web, with support for a dozen popular engines, including Google, duckduckgo, Wikipedia, Amazon, IMDb, and more.

– Page caching allows you to toggle back and forth through pages you’ve yet to close at any time, regardless of whether or not your phone is in range. (Load several pages in advance! Keep them open forever!)

– Basic history management provides a list of all pages visited, which, yes, you can certainly clear at any time.

– Tap-based Interaction for clicking links or triggering events.

– Pre-load pages on your Phone and push them to your Watch. (Useful for signing in, etc)

– A Watch Face Complication, for quick high-level access.