Google Call screening feature finally lands in the UK

Back in 2018 when Google unveiled the Google Pixel 3 it also unveiled Call screening as part of Google Duplex and was available in the USA, Canada and Japan.

Google Duplex is an AI-powered feature that enables Google Assistant to call restaurants and make appointments on your behalf with a natural-sounding voice and also allows users to screen their calls so they can report spam calls on the go.

Today we can confirm that this is available in the UK with the latest beta of the phone app by Google. You can check to see if you have the Call Screen on your Pixel device:

  1. Make sure that you have the latest version of the Phone app. If you see Update, tap it.

  2. Open the Phone app .

  3. Tap More Settings Spam and Call Screen.

  4. Make sure that See caller and spam ID is turned on.

  5. Tap Call Screen.

  6. Under 'Unknown call settings', tap the types of caller that you’d like to screen.

  7. To screen automatically, choose Automatically screen. Decline robocalls. Otherwise, choose from:

  • Ring phone

  • Automatically screen. Decline robocalls.

  • Silently decline