Can the iPad Pro replace your MacBook (6Months in)

A while back I wrote how I believed the iPad Pro could replace my MacBook Air and how I was planning on making the switch, in December 2019, I finally bit the bullet and purchased the 11” iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil.

It has now been six months and I can say that thanks to Apple’s iPadOS updates that the iPad Pro has in fact replaced 99% of my work with only YouTube creator studio making it a bit of a headache and so I used the MacBook Air to make the process of editing a video.

The touchscreen makes working on the iPad easy and thanks to Google’s programs such as Google Docs the process has been a smooth transition, I personally have found Handoff works better between the iPad and iPhone compared to the MacBook and iPhone. If you use your Mac for coding or a lot of video editing then the switch may not be for you, but if you mainly use your Mac for writing or drawing work then I think you would love the change.

With Apple releasing an updated Smart Keyboard with trackpad I think more people should give the switch a try and for students looking for a lightweight option the iPad Pro makes perfect sense.