Can the Nest Hub Max replace your current security camera?

When Google unveiled the Nest Hub Max it suggested that the built in nest camera could be used as a security camera as well. We decided to give the camera a try to see if it really could offer an all in one home security option.

Currently the Nest Hub Max costs £219 and includes a built in 6.5-megapixel camera with 127-degree wide field of view and auto-framing. The Hub also includes the ability to offer two way communication.

We hooked up the Hub and decided to test it out against our Canary security camera that is currently priced at £169 and offers 1080p HD video and audio with automatic night vision and a wide-angle lens, the Canary also offers two way communication.

When we initially took a look at the image on the nest hub max we were impressed with the clarity of the picture and thought that the price difference with the extra smarts may make this a great replacement.

After several hours we went back to test in low light conditions and immediately we found a massive reduction in clarity as the Night Vision on the Canary camera really gave us a clear view in a dark room.

Unfortunately the Nest Hub image wasn’t even able to offer a dim view of the room but rather just a black image and sound. So in our testing environment we believe that the Nest Hub Max cannot replace your current security camera.

Let us know your thoughts on the Nest Hub Max and if you own one.

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