Chirp for the Apple Watch

Chirp for the Apple Watch has been out for some time now and is from the same developer of Nano which we reviewed when it was released. When Chirp was released I didn’t have an Apple Watch so I was unable to review it but as soon as I got my watch back I immediately downloaded chirp.

For those of you that don’t know Chirp is a third party client to get twitter onto your Apple Watch which is fantastic after Twitter pulled their official watch app a long time ago. Personally, I didn’t own an Apple Watch when twitter first pulled their app so I wasn’t worried as I didn’t see the need for it on my watch but since installing chirp I actually love it.

With Chirp you can browse your, timeline, lists, like and retweet things, catch up on the latest trends in “Trending” and by force pressing anywhere in the app you can even post your own tweets. Chirp is free to use but does have a pro option which starts from 99p and with this upgrade you can send and view direct messages or search twitter.

If you use twitter and own an Apple Watch I highly recommend you download Chirp today directly from here. If you have not downloaded Nano yet either you can do so from here. If you would like to send the developer of Chirp and Nano some love you can contact him here.