Chrome OS 88 brings Nest ambient display, and fingerprint login

Following last week's update to the Chrome browser, Google is deploying Chrome OS 88 to desktops and laptops. The upgrade contains a handful of bug fixes along with an impressive "smart display" lockscreen and fingerprint login for WebAuthn-supported websites.

With the latest Chrome OS "smart display", users can now have the idling screen featured on Google's Nest Hub and Chromecast, lockscreen cycles through photographs in your Google Photos library (or Google's stock photo library).

It also offers simple media controls for playing or casting audio, along with current time, temperature, battery status, and Wi-Fi status. Unfortunately, the current lockscreen lacks much of the features of the Nest Hub, such as smart home buttons and ETAs for your daily commute.

To activate the "smart display" lockscreen, open your "Settings," slide to the "Personalization" menu, and go to the "Screen Saver" menu. Select the "Chome OS" screen saver, which is what Google calls its new lockscreen.