Share information between and Android & iOS with ease thanks to Clipt

If you are a user of both iOS and android you will know that it is difficult to copy information from one platform to another iOS has AirDrop whilst android has nearby share.

Thankfully there is an alternative available for those who want to remain working cross-platform called Clipt the OneLab team from OnePlus, this is an app in the play store and also a chrome extension. Once installed on your Mac and android device you were able to quickly share information from one device to another using the secure link created to your Google Drive account.

Clipt is easy to use you simply copy a link or text that you wish to share from your android device and this is automatically shared to the chrome extension on the Mac and vice versa.

Best of all Clipt is free to use and takes just a few seconds to install and setup for the first time. Sharing information between devices is fast and reliable. You can install Clipt for Chrome here and from the Playstore here.