Compatible jailbreak tweaks

We show you the compatible jailbreak tweaks at the time of publishing, please note we have not tested all of these tweaks.

3Edgy5Me 9Folderz Alkaline Anemone Artsy BatteryLife BatteryNotch BetterPowerDown BrightVol Cephei Cercube for Youtube Chrysalis ClassicFolders 2 Codling ColorBanners 2 ColorMyCCModules Cylinder Eclipse X Filza FiveIconDockXI Flame Floatydock HideLabels10 iCleanerPro IGDarkMode Libcolorpicker LinkOpener LittleX Luminous MapsOpener Mitsuha Moveable9 NewTerm 2 NoMoreSeparators NoLargeTitles NoTrending NudeKeys Opener PokeGo LS Gif PreferenceLoader Pull2respring ReallCC Rocket Bootstrap Rocket for Instagram Safari Plus SimpleLSiOS10 SoundTasker Spotify New UI Springtomize 4 Springplus11 StatusFolder StatusSwitcher SwipeSelection Ventana YouTube Tools Zeppelin

You can find more updated lists from reddit and this Github list.

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