Control your homes smart accessories using AR from LinkDesk

I have to admit that when Apple first unveiled ARKit I was excited but so far I feel underwhelmed with the results we have seen, Apple’s own measure app seems off when measuring everyday items to the point that I cannot trust it enough to use it if I want to make a purchase based on an objects size. Now startup LinkDesk is using ARKit in a way I actually may find useful by allowing their app to control your HomeKit accessories.

To setup you simply scan your room like you would in any other ARKit application. From there, you can place virtual controllers on HomeKit-enabled accessories. You can then use these controllers that link to HomeKit accessories and control those accessories through the Devices app’s augmented reality interface.

I found setting up the layout fast and easy to do and as my smart accessories are small in comparison to other peoples I was done within a few minutes, as our video above shows I can now turn lights on or off without touching a physical switch or without have to use voice commands.  Download the Devices app for iOS from the AppStore for free and let us know what you think.