Control your music with Melodic 2

Melodic 2 just like the original version will let you manage your music library just the way you want it.

Melodic 2 allows users to Change or adding album art, so you always have what you want, it also allows changing song/album/artist/genre details (names, genre, artist).

If you like to share your music with others Melodic 2 can help you there as well by allowing users to share their music via mms, email, airdrop or just export it to a folder. Melodic 2 will also change the lD3Tag metadata of most of the changes you make to your music so that when you export it, you easily import it back into iTunes.

Melodic 2 is compatible with iOS 8.4 – 9.x and you can purchase Melodic 2 for just $1.49 from the BigBoss repo.