CoolStar releases a new jailbreak tool called “Electra” for Developers

iOS developer CoolStar has released a new jailbreak for all devices running iOS 11.0-11.1.2, this tool called “Electra” is for Developers who want to update their tweaks. The Electra website points out, the tool includes and excludes the following features:

  1. Cydia, DPKG and APT are NOT included

  2. GNU CoreUtilities are included

  3. Dropbear, SCP and an SFTP server are running on ports 22 and 2222

  4. Tweaks are installed in /bootstrap/Library/SBInject

  5. Themes are installed in /bootstrap/Library/Themes

  6. PreferenceLoader is configured to check /bootstrap/Library

  7. Tweaks that crash SpringBoard will cause the device to respring into Safe Mode

  8. All binaries must be signed using either jtool or ldid2

  9. Executables must be signed with the platform-application entitlement

  10. Binaries and libraries should be installed in /bootstrap/usr/

  11. An uninstall script is available at /bootstrap/

  12. (Note this will only uninstall Electra)

General jailbreak users are advised to avoid trying to use Electra and wait on a complete jailbreak tool once Saurik completes the Mobile Substrate for iOS 11 which will utilize a dyld-hooking implementation rather than deploying a jailbreakd.