Could Apple bring sleep tracking to the Apple Watch

As Apple’s event draws closer we are seeing more and more rumours. One of these rumours is that Apple will be bringing sleep tracking to not only the series 5 Apple Watch but also older models. Currently there are only third-party apps available to track sleeping.

One of the main concerns from customers is if they are tracking their sleep, how and when will they charge their watch. We have used several sleep tracking apps and so decided to test out usage and charging times.

The Preparation

For this test I charged our Series 4

Sleep++ and Auto Sleep. For this reason we wanted to test accuracy and also battery usage.

The Test

We turned off both sleep tracking at 06:39 with 73% battery. I then placed the watch on the charger to shower, in a short period of time the watch was back to 100% charge and ready for the day.


I have concluded that whilst third party apps do drain battery 13% is not too bad for running two tracking apps, but I also believe that if Apple were to introduce this the battery usage would be greatly reduced as Apple would have more core access to sensors and have better ability to turn off features that users would not need. As long as the user is prepared to charge their watch an hour or so before bed and also whilst showering there is no reason why they could not enjoy a full day of usage plus sleep tracking.

The biggest question is not will Apple introduce this feature, I believe they will have no choice but to introduce it, the big question is when will they introduce it and will they also offer support for older devices

Let us know if you think Apple will introduce sleep tracking tomorrow and if they do will you be using this feature.