Create custom app icons on iOS 14

We are going to show you how to get custom app icons on iOS 14. You will need to install the shortcut from here then scroll to the end and click add untrusted shortcut.

Click on continue and then done, if you haven’t trusted an unknown shortcut in the past you need to run the shortcut first and then it will tell do you that it is an untrusted, to trust this you need to go to your settings shortcuts and toggle on allow untrusted shortcuts.

Now head back to shortcuts and run the shortcut.

You will be provided with a screen simply click on search the App Store option and then search for the application that you want to customise in the video we chose Instagram.

The shortcut will now search for the app so click the correct result in this case it’s instagram.

Next click okay and then we going to choose from photo albums and click okay to allow access and then choose the photos that we want to use as your app icon.

Click done and okay and then done again and then install the profile.

Next head to settings and profiles and click install and then you put in your passcode and then click install

Once the profile is installed go to your home screen and there is your new icon which you can then click on to launch the app.

Simply repeat the process for each application that you want to use. We also have a video above showing these steps.