Custom Apple Watch Faces with AutomaticWatchFaces

We wrote an article a few weeks back about an app you could download that allowed you to install custom watch faces on your Apple Watch, however many users did not like the idea of installing a third party app from a Chinese site.

We have been testing a similar app called AutomaticWatchFaces that you can download yourself and install using Xcode. This app has several faces and requires a Mac with Xcode, the good thing about this is you are signing the app yourself, however you will need to side load this app every seven days unless you have a developer account.

The app is being updated often and you can always get the most decent version from here, there is also a Facebook group which you can join. The developer has also a YouTube video showing off how the app works.

I installed it and love the options it makes my watch more personal and looks great on my series 4. If you have never used Xcode before the developer has a step by step guide on how to install it onto your device. I highly recommend you give it a try and contact the developer with any wishes of faces you would like to see added.