Cydia Impactor by @saurik is a big deal for Jailbreakers

Do you ever wish you could just unjailbreak your phone without the hassle of restoring it and being forced by Apple to upgrade your iOS version?

Well thanks to saurik the creator of Cydia you can now do this with his latest tool called Cydia Impactor.

This tweak is also perfect if you want to sell your phone on a jailbreakable iOS as it fetches more money than one on a non Jailbreakable iOS.

Saurik states this tool may remind some of a tool called iLEX RAT, which was compatible with iOS 4 through iOS 6, as well as Semi-Restore, a desktop tool like iLEX RAT that came out a month later (in 2013).

We think this tool is fantastic and the best part is it’s completely free which you can download from here.