Cydia Vs Cydia online

So on Tuesday a new website called cydia online popped up which provides direct links to Cydia packages, repos, and information. This site updates every 5 minutes and was created by SwiftCracker and currently updates against the following repo’s:

BigBoss ZodTTD & MacCiti ModMyi Cydia/Telesphoreo arcetera bd452 Beta Repo CP Digital Darkroom Karen’s Pineapple Repo Karen’s Pineapple Beta Repo Ziph0n’s Repository HASHBANG Productions Creatix

This site is in no way affiliated with Cydia or saurik and is infringing on saurik’s trademark, Saurik voiced on reddit

“Is it really that hard to come up with a name for this that isn’t “Cydia”? It isn’t even in your best interests to directly use my trademark even if that weren’t kind of a frustrating thing for you to do :/.”

The website itself is fast and available on any browser and links open directly to Cydia in order to install, what do you guys think of this new site, will you be using it?