Day 1 with @canary Home Security System

So yesterday I bought the Canary Home Security System after months of debating which one to get, for sometime I had debated on spending out on a security camera to keep not just my home but my family safe.

I had done some research and I knew I wanted an app I could use on my smart phone and I didn’t want a monthly cost, I had narrowed my search down to two competitors the Withings Home Security System and the Canary Home Security System, I carefully compared the two as they were both similar on price at just under £160 and I finally decided to go for Canary.

I installed the system which was easy and took around 15 minutes, and man so far I love it, currently I have a 7 day free trial with unlimited video recording history however after that I get a 12 hour history so I plan on giving another review once I hit that free period to see if I still love the device as much.

You can view the actual device and app on the video above, but in a nutshell the device is small enough to not distract your daily living but big enough to catch intruders, the app is clean and I like it, one downside is the security stickers for the home are too small for people to really see so I hope they will make bigger ones.

Check back in 10 days to see my latest review of the Canary Home Security System.