Day 19 of Apple’s 31 Festive Days

With Christmas just around the corner we are over half way through Apple’s launch of iTunes 31 days of festive Days. So far we have seen apple offer of various films at a reduced price or bundled deals but we have to admit that personally the deals haven’t been all that appealing but wonder if you have managed to grab a deal? below we have a list of what Apple has offered so far including todays deal.

  1. Day 1 saw the iTunes Store offer 10 thriller movie collection from iTunes for £9.99.

  2. Day 2 offered last years Jason Bourne being on offer for £3.99.

  3. Day 3 offered Stanley Kubrick 7 Film Collection for just £14.99.

  4. Day 4 offered Hidden figures for just £3.99, Hidden figures.

  5. Day 5 Apple offered Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero Deadpool for £4.99.

  6. Day 6 Apple offered a Robin Williams classic Mrs Doubtfire for just £1.99.

  7. Day 7 Apple is offering all 8 Fast & Furious Movie Collection.

Day 8 Apple offered 10 Comedy Movie Collection for £9.99 including Let’s me cops, spy and more.

  1. For Day 9 Apple is offering the Christmas film Love Actually by Richard Curtis for £3.99 which you can purchase here.

  2. Day 10 and Apple is offering the Christmas classic Home Alone by Chris Columbus for £1.99.

  3. Day 11 and Apple is offering the amazing take on Charles Dickens classic The Muppets Christmas Carol for £3.99.

  4. Day 12 and Apple is offering Bad Santa 2 rental for just £1.99.

  5. Day 13 and Apple is offering Die Hard for £1.99.

  6. Day 14 and Apple is offering John Wick: Chapters 1 & 2 by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. for £9.99

  7. Day 15 and Apple is offering Logan for just £4.99

  8. Day 16 and Apple is offering Planet of the Apes Trilogy for £12.99

  9. Day 17 and Apple is offering Jurassic 1 – 4 by Universal Studios Home Entertainment for £9.99

  10. Day 18 and Apple is offering The Cat in the Hat is only £2.99

Today is Day 19 and Apple is offering The Great Wall which is on offer for only £3.99