Day 26 of Apple’s 31 Festive Days Christmas Day Special

Merry Christmas to all of our readers we hope you are all having a fantastic relaxing Boxing Day with your Family and friends, we have tried our best to get this post out at a reasonable time whilst spending some valuable time with my family. Today’s edition of iTunes 31 days of festive Days leaves us with just 5 more days before it ends and so far we have seen apple offer of various films at a reduced price or bundled deals but we have to admit that personally the deals haven’t been all that appealing but wonder if you have managed to grab a deal? below we have a list of what Apple has offered so far including todays deal.

  1. Day 1 saw the iTunes Store offer 10 thriller movie collection from iTunes for £9.99.

  2. Day 2 offered last years Jason Bourne being on offer for £3.99.

  3. Day 3 offered Stanley Kubrick 7 Film Collection for just £14.99.

  4. Day 4 offered Hidden figures for just £3.99, Hidden figures.

  5. Day 5 Apple offered Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero Deadpool for £4.99.

  6. Day 6 Apple offered a Robin Williams classic Mrs Doubtfire for just £1.99.

  7. Day 7 Apple offered all 8 Fast & Furious Movie Collection.

  8. Day 8 Apple offered 10 Comedy Movie Collection for £9.99 including Let’s me cops, spy and more.

  9. Day 9 Apple offered the Christmas film Love Actually by Richard Curtis for £3.99 which you can purchase here.

  1. Day 10 and Apple offered the Christmas classic Home Alone by Chris Columbus for £1.99.

  2. Day 11 and Apple offered the amazing take on Charles Dickens classic The Muppets Christmas Carol for £3.99.

  3. Day 12 and Apple offered Bad Santa 2 rental for just £1.99

  4. Day 13 and Apple offered Die Hard for £1.99.

  5. Day 14 and Apple offered John Wick: Chapters 1 & 2 by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. for £9.99

  6. Day 15 and Apple offered Logan for just £4.99

  7. Day 16 and Apple offered Planet of the Apes Trilogy for £12.99

  8. Day 17 and Apple offered Jurassic 1 – 4 by Universal Studios Home Entertainment for £9.99

  9. Day 18 and Apple offered The Cat in the Hat is only £2.99

  10. Day 19 and Apple offered The Great Wall which is on offer for only £3.99

  11. Day 20 and Apple offered Forrest Gump by Robert Zemeckis for £3.99

  1. Day 21 and Apple offered one for the kids, Finding Dory by Andrew Stanton & Angus MacLane

  2. Day 22 and Apple offered Pitch Perfect 1&2 for £5.99

  3. Day 23 and Apple offered The Secret Life of Pets by Chris Renaud for £3.99

  4. Day 24 and Apple offered 10 Action Movies including Die Hard, Chronical, Fight Club, Commando, Taken and many more, you get all ten films for £9.99

  5. Day 25 and Apple offered Spider-Man: Homecoming by Jon Watts for £8.99

Today is Day 26 and Apple is offering a blockbuster movie collection including baby driver Fury and more for £24.99

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