Dial getting ready to launch and take on the Apple watch

A new product is getting ready to be launched exclusively in the UK called Dial which is a smartwatch with a twist.


Dial is the love child of Wil.I.Am and Three UK and is getting ready to go head to head with the likes of the Apple Watch and the Sony Smartwatch 3, however, Dial has an Ace up it’s sleave it will work completely independently of your phone and will be able to accomplish this by having it’s own dedicated sim.

The tech within the watch will allow you to take your Dial out on it’s own by having the same number as on your phone, this would suit those who are going for a jog and don’t want to carry your phone with you but still want to take calls and text and also make them too.

The dial is rumoured to be voice controlled, directly through the dial or through an included Bluetooth headset. Battery life times are unavailableand there are currently no hands on review of the product. Rumoured pricing is likely to be around £20 a month with no upfront charge for the dial.

Wil.I.Am is no stranger to tech and launched the Puls which was classed as the worst smartwatch ever made, so only time will tell if Will has learned from this.