Dish Set To Get Google Assistant

When the Google Assistant first launched it had just a few third-party product integrations, but the list has grown considerably since then. The satellite television provider DISH can now be added to that list as they have announced its set-top boxes will soon plug into Google Assistant on all your other devices.

This intergration means you can channel surf without touching the remote. Dish has provided a list of sample commands that will work with its boxes once the update goes through:

  1. “Change channel to ESPN”

  2. “Tune to channel 130”

  3. “Go to the History Channel”

  4. “Find the Big Bang Theory”

  5. “Search for Game of Thrones”

  6. “Search for home improvement shows”

  7. “Show me Tom Hanks movies”

  8. “Play This is Us”

  9. “Skip forward”

  10. “Rewind 30 seconds”

  11. “Pause”

  12. “Resume”

To use Assistant on your Dish service, you need an internet-connected Hopper DVR, Joey client, or Wally HD tuner. Dish’s TV boxes will be able to connect to the Assistant on both your phone and Google Home. Dish hasn’t provided a specific date yet only that it will roll out in the first half of the year.