Does the iPhone 11 hold clues to Apple’s tile style tracking

We have seen numerous leaks that Apple would be releasing a tile alternative. Tile is currently one of the leading tracking companies that allows users to attach a small tile to the belonging such as keys etc so if the loose them they can locate them from their own app or if another tile user passes them they will send the location.

Code was found in iOS 13.1 Beta that showed Apple was working on their own version which would have the extra advantage of always running in the background of any Apple Device that uses Find My.

Notably this feature was not announced yesterday and there could be a few reasons. First up the code was found in 13.1 beta which isn’t going to release until 30th September, secondly Apple is also rumoured to hold an iPad event in October which they have previously done.

Tracking devices like this do not need a full on stage presentation and Apple may just do a press announcement, however, Apple has shown that the iPhone 11 has a new Apple-designed U1 chip which uses Ultra Wideband technology, the first ever in a smartphone, for spatial awareness.

This chip is said that AirDrop gets even better with directionally aware suggestions. I believe that Apple will also use this Chip to help obtain better object tracking for lost devices.

The Spacial awareness features will also not be enabled until iOS 13.1 and so we may see the announcement of these devices in October.